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Fabrication de MicroCombo1W

My activity is to design and to manufacture pedals, preamps or small amps.
It feeds on my double experience as musician and technician raised in the 60s.

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Improved traditional stompboxes

The [S] cream: a TS9® style diode overdrive, with extended color and grind possibilities.
SpanishMoss : an overdrive with a special diode and MOSFET system, and texture blend.
LikeYourFace: a FuzzFace® style germanium fuzz, real NOS transistors, and which works !
BirdMaster: a Treble booster in the Rangemaster and Screaming Bird tradition.

Improvements by Guitar Poppa :

• Reliability (well-filtered supply, thermal stability).
• Ergonomics and functionality (stroke and progressivity of settings, output levels)
• Musical potential (diversified or actualized tone and texture, accentuated dynamics ).
• Customization (different versions and options, selectable components).

The (S)cream - my products, Conception, fabrications

The [S]cream — Improved diode overdrive out of the TS9® tradition.
The *** version features 3 presets and a Texture setting, interactive with the Drive control.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Original products

SweetGerm (germanium preamp with compressed low mids and clear treble)
LoVoltTube  (affordable NOS tube preamp, working naturally in 9V).
CurvyMama (germanium preamp with a warm and fleshy tone for harp or guitar.

Musicality is the aim

To make the instrument sing in an expressive way, the spectrum of the instrument and the settings of the circuit must meet on well-defined frequency ranges.

Each pedal finds its personality by sculpting some of these typical beaches!
• The belly of sound lies between 200 and 400Hz, where bass and low mids cross.
• Color is defined by filtering typical frequencies between 400 and 1500Hz.
• The biting is carved between 1kHz and 3kHz, at the hinge between mids and high mids.
• The brightness of the signal depends on tonal adjustments between 2.5kHz and 5kHz.

Original technologies

Special technologies can bring original grain and dynamics in order to help to escape of the banal sound of ordinary clones.

• NOS germanium transistors…
• Combinations of silicon and germanium diodes, and LEDs.
• MOSFET transdiodes …
• Low voltage NOS tubes.

SweetGerm, conception, fabrications, products, produits

Two intuitive settings to process simultaneously tone and texture : Body and Presence …

curvymama, products, produits, conception, fabrications

Two interactive settings work on the medium / treble edge :  Biting and Contour …

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15


GeAmp1W : vintage sounding 1,5W RMS Micro-Amp. Full power version.
GeAmp1/2W : reduced power, milder sound version. 0,5W RMS.

Under study : GeAmp1W with 4″ or 5″ speakers, in wooden cabinet combo…
and other output powers…

The rounded timbre of the first transistor receivers in the years 55-58 made me want to design small-power micro-amplifiers using germanium technology. They are realized in the pedal format, you take them out of your pocket and plug them into any speaker.

Have a real electric guitar sound, even at low power …

They have a true clear tone, and are able to crunch at low level with a warmth reminiscent of Tweed amps. They are ideal for practice or rehearsal at home.

The germanium amplification will delight those who hate the acidity and the annoying crunch of micro-amps with ICs …
Even neighbors will enjoy your new sound!

geamp05w, micro-amp, germanium, products, fabrications

Geamp 1/2W.
Non boxed card, equipped with Russian NOS germanium transistors.

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Don’t wait anymore, tell me about your desires!

If you live in Lyon, France, and feel motivated by my products, we can make an appointment in your rehearsal room to test models or prototypess in full size, and on your own gear.

Bandeau medium rouge - offre


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