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My main activity is to design and manufacture stompboxes, preamps …
• Some of my products are deeply rooted in the history of vintage gear : they develop traditionnal models that are still referential and deserve to be updated or improved.
My aim is to be attractive on this double challenge : vintage & contemporary quality.
• Other products are original models. Designed for themselves, or in response to an individual order… It is then my double experience of musician & technician that I propose to you …

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Improved traditional stompboxes

The [S] cream: a TS9® style diode overdrive, less centered on a 70 / 80s midrange sounding.
LikeYourFace: a FuzzFace® style germanium fuzz, real NOS transistors, and which works !
Hi-GeFuzz: a Tone Bender style high gain fuzz, but not shrill.
BirdMaster: a Treble booster in the Rangemaster and Screaming Bird tradition.

Let’s take the TS9® overdrive or the Fuzz Face® as examples… They marked the history, and even a bit old-fashioned like the TS9 or full of defects like the FF), they are still well considered…
Unfortunately, their current official versions are too pricey compared with what they really are. Consequently copies have multiplied, often honest, but without invention : they reproduce as much the defects as the qualities of the originals …

I redevelop the classical circuits without betraying their spirit :
One may find their sound well … And in addition I actualize or improve what is possible and worth it.

Improvements mainly concern :

• Reliability (well-filtered supply, thermal stability).
• Ergonomics and functionality (stroke and progressivity of settings, output levels)
• Musical potential (diversified or actualized tone and texture, accentuated dynamic ).
• Customization (several versions and options, selectable components).

The (S)cream - my products, Conception, fabrications

The [S]cream — Improved Diode Overdrive out of the TS9® tradition.
The *** version features 3 presets and a Texture setting, interactive with the Drive control.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Original products

SweetGerm (germanium preamp with compressed low mids and clear treble)
To come soon (already described on the French page):
CurvyMama : harp or guitar preamp, with a gorgeous control of the midrange.

Everyone appreciates the Fender or Marshall tone circuits: The interactivity of their three controls allows sensible corrections, first on timbre but also in overdriving the downstream stages… Now they don’t work so well with other instruments than guitar, like harp, or even electro acoustic instruments… It was therefore worth to create original circuits, tuned to the colors of much more kinds of  instruments, or adapted to other sound tastes !

My preamps treat the mids in colors that are conducive to make the instrument sing : towards 600Hz, at the bass / low-mids transition towards 300Hz, or towards 1500-2500Hz at the high-mids / treble transition…

Musicality is the aim

Acoustically, these frequency ranges sculpt the grease and the color of the sound.
On the musical level, they are the stake of a better adaptation between the spectrum of the instrument and the amplifying chain, giving a more natural, more present voicing.

An output stage equipped with germanium NOS transistors produces a gentle overdrive, with a more organic and play-sensitive compression than ordinary diode circuits that may sound cleaner but musically sound more flat.

SweetGerm, conception, fabrications, products, produits

Two intuitive settings to process simultaneously tone and texture : Body and Presence …

curvymama, products, produits, conception, fabrications

Two interactive settings work on the medium / treble edge :  Biting and Contour …

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15


GeAmp1W : vintage sounding 1,5W RMS Micro-Amp. Full power version.
GeAmp1/2W : reduced power, milder sound version. 0,5W RMS.

Under study : GeAmp1W with 4″ or 5″ speakers, in wooden cabinet combo…
and other output powers…

The rounded timbre of the first transistor receivers in the years 55-58 made me want to design small-power micro-amplifiers using germanium technology. They are realized in the pedal format, you take them out of your pocket and plug them into any speaker.

Have a real electric guitar sound, even at low power …

They have a true clear tone, and are able to crunch at low level with a warmth reminiscent of Tweed amps. They are ideal for practice or rehearsal at home.

The germanium amplification will delight those who hate the acidity and the annoying crunch of micro-amps with ICs …
Even neighbors will enjoy your new sound!

geamp05w, micro-amp, germanium, products, fabrications

Geamp 1/2W.
Non boxed card, equipped with Russian NOS germanium transistors.

Bandeau medium rouge - offre

Don’t wait anymore, tell me about your desires!

If you live in Lyon, France, and feel motivated by my products, we can make an appointment in your rehearsal room to test models or prototypess in full size, and on your own gear.

Bandeau medium rouge - offre


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