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My activity is to design and manufacture pedals, preamps or small amps.
It feeds on my double experience as musician and technician raised in the 60s.

Some of my pedals perpetuate the tradition, while updating its means.
Others are of original design.

Originally, they are made in individual enclosures…
On order, they can be combined as a duo in a single box.
Or keep single but supplemented by a speaker simulator and a balanced output to connect direct to a sound system.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Improved traditional stompboxes

I reproduce the historical circuits in the love of their sound …
And I perfect with all respect what is worth it.

The [S]cream : overdrive TS9® style, featutring more diversified voicings and textures.
SpanishMoss : an deep overdrive with a special MOSFET system and texture blender.
LikeYourFace : 2 transistors Germanium fuzz, FuzzFace® style, which really works.

Improvements by Guitar Poppa :

overdrive TS9® style, featutring more diversified voicings and textures

• Technicity : verified and corrected diagrams, sorted components, neat powering.
• Functionality : Input buffer, ergonomics of settings, generous output level.
• Musical potential : improved tone and grain, response to instrumental playing.
• Personalization : custom options, duets in a single box, special orderings.

SweetGerm by, diode overdrive with a special texture controlThe (S)cream
TS9 type overdrive, with an extended
texture control.

SpanishMoss by, overdrive with MOSFET transdiodes SpanishMoss
Overdrive with a
special combination
of diodes and MOSFETs

SweetGerm by, LikeYourFace, germanium 2 trnasistor fuzzLikeYourFace
Germanium Fuzz that truly works and sings !

Bandeau medium rouge - offre

Original preamps and overdrives

To design a pedal is to invent a particular identity …
It can be a question of functioning, of behavior according to the instrument and the way to play it.
It is also a question of colors and sound textures.
And the technology that will bring about all of this.

LoVoltTube  : affordable NOS tube preamp, working naturally in 9V.
CurvyMama : germanium preamp with a warm and fleshy tone for harp or guitar.
SweetGerm : germanium preamp with compressed low mids and clear treble

Improvements by Guitar Poppa :

• Technicity : Varied technologies to get pedals with different musical comportements.
• Functionality : overdrive process and tone control must not be always the same.
• Musicality : Dynamic response and tonal treatment must respect the instrument.
• Personalization : If you have special desires, there must be a special answer !

LowVoltTube by, preamp/overdrive with a NOS low voltage tubeLowVoltTube
with a NOS low voltage
tube inside.

CurvyMama by, preamp/overdrive dedicated for harmonicaCurvyMama
Fleshy preamp
for harp or guitar

SweetGerm by, a germanium preamp to make your instrument singSweetGerm
Germanium preamp
to make guitar
or bass sing

Technology and sound texture

Each technology produces its own sound grain, as well in clear sound as in overdrive.

Germanium transistors : soft and often compressed sound ; organic dynamics.
The texture is fluid, very sensitive to the play of the guitarist whose inflections it follows.
SweetGerm, CurvyMama, LikeYourFace.

Combinations of silicon diodes and red LEDs : Homogeneous and regular grain.
Tone is brighter than in ordinary pedals, and dynamics is more breezy.
The [S]cream.

MOSFET Transdiodes : This original technology brings a deeper grain.
The growl lasts after the attack without muffling the sound, and respects the instrument.

Low voltage NOS tubes :Tubes from the late 50s working naturally in 9 / 12V.
Typical tubey grain, from slightly asymmetrical clear sound to a compressed overdrive.

The aim is to combine texture and color as naturally and tightly as possible … And to feature differentiated pedals, each musical and alive in its own way.

LowVoltTube operates a special low voltage tube from the years 59-65.

Bandeau medium rouge - offre

Large formats

These elaborate configurations are often born from custom orders by renowned musicians. Their stated needs led me to design typed objects.
Everyone can now enjoy it, or imagine its own project !


Two pedals are combined in a single box, approximately 7.9×4.3 inches.
Pooling certain elements (buffers, power supply, enclosure) enables an economy of scale and a selling price lower than the sum of unit prices.

Duos pédales - The Scream + VintageBoo

Duo-pedal combining one “the [S]cream” and “VintageBoo” booster.
Custom order for french guitarist and singer Stéphane Sanseverino.

All the single pedals on this site can be coupled.
Contact us to talk about the combinations that would interest you the most.

SimSym system

Some pedals are more a global preamp than a single effect…
Complemented by a speaker simulator and a balanced output channel, they will let the musician exercise all his autonomy on small stages :
“I come, I connect, and I know what goes in the PA …”

CurvyMama + SimSym.
The pedal is completed by a boost switch, a speaker simulator and a balanced output to the sound system. The normal stage amplifier output is retained and available.
Custom order from the singer and harmonica player Vincent Bucher.

This configuration is particularly interesting for SweetGerm and CurvyMama.
Contact us for more informations.

Bandeau medium rouge - offre



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