Samples : CurvyMama (harp)


First steps

Without then with a bit of CurvyMama…
Bottom, Biting and Contour are neutral (12:00).
A bit of drive, and Mama’s natural warmth.

Drive adjust.
3 drive settings : successively at 8:00 – 10:00 – 14:00 …
The Bottom, Biting and Contour tone controls are neutral (12:00).

Effects of Contour and Biting
1. Contour: hollows medium and boosts treble, or on the contrary warms up the tone.
2. Biting: brings a global mordant, or on the contrary darkens and rounds the tone.

Three typical tones

A slow tempo with a rather clear sound

CurvyMama, Samples - Lent et clair• First using CurvyMama …
• Then bypassed to hear the difference.
• And back with the Mama …

A texture that mourns and scratches

CurvyMama, Samples, Un son qui gratte• More Drive and Biting
• The LessMids filter makes it possible to have bite without chipping …
• Lowered Contour attenuates the harmonics.

Bye Bye Swing (bass harp)

CurvyMama, samples, Bye Bye Swing

• Lowering Drive and Biting make it smoother.
• Active LessMids to notch the profile of the Shure Control Magnetic capsule.
(It should be disabled with a SM57…)
Contour accentuates this dug and especially brings brilliance.

Recording samples

• CurvyMama, Harp version.

• Harps: Special 20 and Low Marine Band.
• Harp mike : JT30 equipped with a Shure Control Magnetic dynamic cell.

• 2xEL84 Amp from 1967, restored by me. Clean channel, flat tone, low output volume.
Weber 10F150T loudspeaker, recommended for Fender Princeton; boxed in bass reflex.
A little reverb Holly Grail® for fun.


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