Hi-GeFuzz samples

Hi-GeFuzz - bandeau L15


Basic Fuzz. (soft but more grainy than 2 transistors fuzz boxes)
Speedy Sunshine of your love.
Archtop guitare , neckpick up.
Hi-GeFuzz ***,  Classic Ge  option — Preset : Soft ; Fuzz : 12:00 ; Tone : 12:00.

Fuzz like in 69.
An old minor stuff.
Strato-like guitar , Neck pickup.
Hi-GeFuzz *** , Classic Smooth option — Preset : Deep ; Fuzz : 14:00 ; Tone : 12:00.

*** Bee&Wasp model : notched or boosted mids, like in today’s feeling
Hairy bottom.
Strato-like Guitar.
Hi-GeFuzz *** , Bee&Wasp option. — Fuzz : 14:00 ; Tone : 12:30.
Neck pickup and Deep preset — Bridge pickup and bite preset.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Recording conditions

Samples, enregistrement.

2x6BQ5 amp from 1967, restored by me. Clean canal, Baxandall tone control almost flat.
Weber F10-150T (10″) (recommanded for Fender Princeton amps), bass reflex boxed.
SM57 Shure mike, placed as on the picture.
A bit of Holly Grail® reverb, just for the pleasure.

Strato-like guitar from the 80s, rather cheap but fixed with texans Rio Grande pickups
Archtop Guild F160T frpm1989, genuine pickups.

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