This new overdriver is named after the Spanish moss, which flows over Mississippi and Louisiana trees…
Depending on the settings, it will sound mild or dramatical, with a tight grain or else with a long growl.
In this aim, SpanishMoss uses a special saturating system…

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Overdrive SpanishMoss by - Diodes silicium et transdiodes MOSFET

SpanishMoss overdrive

The Tube Screamer® family is so reference since its release in 1979 that it’s been cloned up and down, and one must say without much initiative …
However, one can imagine overdriven sounds less centered on the midrange, with a less compressed and scratchy grain, and more open dynamics.
I also desired experiment new types of components in the overdrive circuit.

In this state of mind, SpanishMoss features an extension of the possibilities already opened a few years ago in my overdrive The [S]cream …


General features

Techno: Op Amps and feedback network combining two different technologies.
“Texture” original control to mix the effect of these components, with their resulting grain and headroom.
3 presets to get more tonal possibilities.

Power supply

The circuit is intended to operate between 7 and 12V.
Internal 9V battery or external power supply. 2.1mm coaxial plug, center negative.
Typical consumption: 8mA.

Internal electronic filtering eliminates common power noises.
Hiss from switching power supplies, Hum of poorly filtered transformer power supplies.

[S]cream - Bandeau medium rouge - L15


Common controls of classical overdrives
   Drive, Tone, Volume.

Tone presets (switch on the left side of the enclosure)
— Classic : Midrange contour of the TS9®, centered on 900Hz, a little less darkened.
— Brite : enlarged treble, while keeping lighter bass below 250Hz.
— Deep : Wideband 80-5500Hz contour , for a whole and more contemporary sound.

Novelties by Guitar Poppa

Overdrive SpanishMoss by - Diodes silicium et transdiodes MOSFET
The diodes and MOSFET transdiodes network.

Saturation network combining two specific technologies
— Silicon diodes : compressed and a bit bushy grain, with the original TS9® 1N914 diodes.
— MOSFET Transdiodes: soft grain and aerate headroom, analog to tetrode tubes.

The “texture” control
It mixes diodes and MOSFETs effects, and modulates the texture at a given drive setting :
— More dense and bushy grain (diodes) or softer and sustained (Mosfets)…
— Compressed dynamics (diodes) or more open headroom* (Mosfets) …
The game consists of discovering the positions of the button for which one can ear something remarkable in the grind, the rendering of the attacks, the sustain…

Overdrive SpanishMoss - commandes de tonalité et de texture

Right : the two “Drive” and “Texture” controls

Headroom :
This is the dynamic range below which the sound remains clear before the overdrive effect. Squeezed with diodes, open with MOSFETS transdiodes …
Its value determines the impression of dynamics: it is space to let your muscles play !
It is also space to receive the natural timbre of the instrument, which, to the ear, seems to be preserved below the grain of overdrive ….

(Scream) - Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To order…

1. Specify the delivery area.
2. Click <add to the command>.
3. Click <Cart> on the main menu to finalize.

SpanishMoss - Version unique - façade et commandesSpanishMoss
single version
Price down ! 139 €

Classical Drive/Tone/Volume controls.
• 3 tone presets.
• Special Texture control.

The [S]cream

(Scream) - Bandeau medium rouge - L15

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