This new overdriver is named after the Spanish moss, which flows over Mississippi and Louisiana trees…
Depending on the settings, it will sound mild or dramatical, with a light grit or else with a long growl.
In this aim, SpanishMoss uses a special saturating system…

Overdrive SpanishMoss by Guitar Poppa - Logo

Overdrive SpanishMoss by - Diodes silicium et transdiodes MOSFET

SpanishMoss overdrive

The Tube Screamer® family is so reference since its release in 1979 that it’s been cloned up and down, and one must say without much initiative …
However, one can imagine overdriven sounds less centered on the midrange, with a less compressed and scratchy grain, and more open dynamics.
I also desired experiment new types of components in the overdrive circuit.

In this state of mind, SpanishMoss features an extension of the possibilities already opened a few years ago in my overdrive The [S]cream …

General features

Techno: Op Amps and feedback network combine two technologies ; silicon diodes and MOSFET transdiodes.
“Texture” original control to mix the effect of these components, with their resulting grit and headroom.
3 presets to get more tonal possibilities.

Power supply

The circuit operates between 7 and 12V.
Internal 9V battery or external power supply. 2.1mm coaxial plug, center negative.
Typical consumption: 8mA.

Internal electronic filtering eliminates common noises coming from the supply.
Hiss from switching power supplies, Hum of poorly filtered transformer power supplies.

(Scream) - Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To order…

1. Choose the Op Amp option.
2. Specify the delivery area.
3. Click <add to the command>.
4. Click <Cart> on the main menu to finalize.

SpanishMoss - Version unique - façade et commandesSpanishMoss
139 €

Classical Drive/Tone/Volume controls.
• 3 tone presets.
• Special Texture control.
• Op Amp to choose when ordering.

The [S]cream

[S]cream - Bandeau medium rouge - L15

More detailed features

In the continuity of tradition..

Old school préamplification :
JRC4558D or MC1558G Op amps from the 70s, ensuring a sustained but not sour grain.
• JRC4558D : The TS9’s Op Amp… Gives a compact and well integrated grain.
• MC1558G : a rustic op amp, if you prefer a more dirty and grumpy texture.

Original 1N914 feedback diodes
They saturate more gently than the contemporary and banal 1N4148s.

Usual settings of any classic overdrive:
Drive, TS9® typeTone , Volume.

The MC1558 Op Amp by  Motorola.

Originalities by Guitar Poppa

3 presets to diversify the sonic contour
Classic : the medium contour of the TS9®, centered on 900Hz, a little less darkened.
Brite : unbridled treble, while retaining attenuated bass below 250Hz.
Deep : 80-5500Hz wideband contour, for a full and more contemporary sound.

“Texture”, an originality in the little world of overdrives
The “gain” control is that of all overdrive …
The “texture” control adds particular sound properties:
By mixing the effects of diodes and MOSFETs, it modulates the texture for a given drive:
— On the diode side: more dense and bushy grain, and compressed dynamics.
— On the MOSFETs side: softer and stretched grain, with open headroom and dynamics…

Overdrive SpanishMoss by - Diodes silicium et transdiodes MOSFET
The network of MOSFET diodes and transdiodes responsible for the overdrived grain.

The game consists in finding positions at which the granulity, the dynamics and the sustain take on particular values…

Overdrive SpanishMoss - commandes de tonalité et de texture

Right : the two “Drive” and “Texture” controls

Headroom :
This is the dynamic range below which the sound remains clear before the overdrive effect. Squeezed with diodes, open with MOSFETS transdiodes …
Its value determines the impression of dynamics: it is space to let your muscles play !
It is also space to receive the natural timbre of the instrument, which, to the ear, seems to be preserved below the grit of overdrive ….

(Scream) - Bandeau medium rouge - L15

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