CoolCrunch is made to attenuate the volume on the speakers without lowering the master volume of the amp …
One keep then the crunch without breaking the ears …
Due to its small size and simplicity, it fits inside the combos and in your budget.

CoolCrunch 5 et 30. Atténuateurs HP pour amplis à tubes de 5 et 30W

Guitarpoppa - Atténuateur CoolCrunch30CoolCrunch30, model 2023,
with its connection cord to the amp and a jack socket to the speaker.

The more the tube amplifier that we use is typed, and the more it requires certain conditions of drive and level to sound well … But everything depends on where you play :
A Champ 57 or a Blues Junior can be perfect in clubs but brutal at home or in a very small place: how to still let them breathe and crunch ?

At home, we can use a tiny amp: it’s the logic of my microCombos… But we may also want to keep his favorite gear. CoolCrunch responds to this desire by letting the amp sing as it pleases without screaming …
And in addition it offers a credible line output for PA coupling or recording.

Main features

Power capacity: 5W RMS or 30W RMS.
Progressive attenuation by potentiometer.
Truebypass Switch to put the HP back online.
Line out to connect the amp to PA, keeping its own grain.

CoolCrunch30, model 2023,
Version with two jack sockets, in order to receive input and output patches…

Guitar Poppa’s choices

CoolCrunch is adaptated to powers that remain modest: 5W and 30W.
it aims for small amps, those that come and go between scene, rehearsal and home.
The reduced dimensions of the box facilitate its integration into the existing.
Safety and price are also easier to master in this power range.

Contact us for higher powers

Simplicity of construction and safety
The power connections are wired and soldered.
The industrial wire wound potentiometer provides a progressive and reliable attenuation.
The amp “sees” in all cases a load impedance of 4 to 15 ohms, which remains inside the standard values of tube technology. It runs therefore no risk.

A simple but proven line output.
It is constantly available and comes out in low impedance.
The signal is taken from the output of the amp, and therefore retains the grain of the beast.
It is then attenuated and filtered to obtain a standard guitar level.
The bass is limited below 80Hz (avoids the cheap boombox effect …)
The treble is limited above 5KHz (respects the spectrum of HP guitar)

Versions and options

Common features

Molded aluminum. Facade 110x60mm, depth approximately 50 mm.

Attenuation potentiometer
Industrial power model, wound on ceramic.
Continuous attenuation adjustment from zero level to total power.

Bypass switch
Reconnects instantly the speaker direct to the amp.
“True bypass” structure disconnecting all attenuation components.

Line out
Permanent. Guitar level, low impedance 1kOhm, filtering 80Hz to 5KHz.

Two versions :
5W et 30W maximum

Choosing the version

Choose a power rating equal to or greater than the power of the amp into 8 ohms.

Connection options

Input, (receives the amp output):
— 40cm cable + Jack 6.35 male, to connect on the output of the amp.
— Or 6.35 female Jack socket.

Output, (to the speakers):
— 50cm cable with FastOn lugs, to connect to the speaker.
— Or 6.35 female Jack socket.

A prototype of CoolCrunch5, inserted in a Champ 600 reissue…
It just holds!Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To order…

1. Choose the version.
2. Specify the chosen options.
3. Specify the delivery area.
4. Click <add to the command>.
5. Click <Cart> on the main menu to finalize.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

CoolCrunch5. Speaker attenuator for single end amps 5W (6V6 or EL84)CoolCrunch5
109 €

For amplifiers 5W max :
Single end 1x6V6 or 1xEL84/6BQ5
Push-pull 2xECL82/6BM8.

Not suitable for amps over 6W.

Other characteristics as indicated above.
Connections options to select below.



Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

CoolCrunch30. Speaker attenuator for amps 8w to 30W.CoolCrunch30
Price down : 119 €

For amps from 10 to 25W:
Single end 1xEL34/6CA7 or 1x6L6,
Push-pull 2xECL84/6DX8, 2x or 4x 6V6, 2x or 4x EL84/68Q5
Some 2x6L6 or 2xEL34/6CA7 power under 35W …

Not suitable for 40W amps and up.

Other characteristics as indicated above.
Connection options to select below.


A question about sound

Some customers told me they feel a loss of treble when CoolCrunch is in action in their combo …

This impression is normal, and inherent in making the amp work with an attenuator …

1. A tube amp loses some treble when it runs at high volume.
This happens when it debits heavily in an attenuator, rather than debiting moderately direct in the speaker.
2. In addition, one hear less treble at lower volume.
This physiological effect is added to the first :
one hear with less treble a sound that is already rounded by the amp…
But the attenuator is not in itself responsible for these effects.

The solution is to raise the treble pot to get a sharper crunch…
It will compensate the losses that one perceived.
With fingering and some ear, it works easily and well !

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

For information: limits of the warranty

Each model is individually tested on a tube combo.
It is guaranteed two years, parts and labor, against any hidden defect in the device.

On the other hand, Guitar Poppa is not responsible for the deteriorations of the amp which would be caused by a bad connection because of the user:
Inversion of input and output connections; forgetting a connection causing the amp to work without a load, and damaging the output transformer ; short circuit damaging the tubes and / or the output transformer, or the CoolCrunch potentiometer.

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