You & Me is an active A-B Box that can switch two sources of different levels to a single output :
— An instrument or a harp microphone at guitar level.
— Another source at low level, requiring preamplification.

You&Me, basic version – graphic study…

One concert night, I had on one side an electric guitar, on the other an acoustic, and a common amp for both …
I would have needed an A-B Box that could handle these two different sources :
— The electric and its pedals should be switched directly to the amp.
— The lower level acoustic would need an extra preamplification.

And I’ll tell you : My harp buddies who would like to use an old-fashioned bullet, and on the other hand a contemporary low impedance  mike would have the same need !

Hence this active A-B Box switching two specific channels :
“You”, the low level channel, and “Me”, the high level channel : You & Me!

Main features

The push-button selects two specialized inputs:
A direct “Me” input at guitar level.
A high impedance “You” preamp input, with adjustable gain and a phase switch.
The active component is a good Op Amp, equipped with a smooth overdrive circuit in case of overload.
In the *** version, the pre-amplified input offers two gain ranges: 0 to +20 and 0 to + 40dB…

You&Me works ordinary between 9 and 18V.
(9V battery or 9 to 18V external power supply. 2.1mm coaxial socket, center negative).
• It works well with 9V. The best dynamic is between 12 and 18V.
• In all cases, an internal electronic filter eliminates hiss from switching power supplies and hums from poorly filtered transformer power supplies.

Detail of the card.

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

2 versions

                                               basic                                                                             ***

Basic version

Suitable for simple uses.
In particular when when only using sources at “guitar” level…
• The preamp (“You”) channel features adjustable gain from 0 to +20dB (1x to 10x).
The gain control is used to define an average amplification level for the “You” channel, in reference to the fixed level of the “Me” channel…
• The phase can be direct or reversed, in order to minimize the risk of feedback and/or improve listening comfort on stage.

*** Version

Recommended when using sources of a wide variety of levels.
The preamp channel offers two gain ranges:
High level (instrument level) : For high impedance microphones, most electric or electro-acoustic instruments, and common HiFi or small PA equipment.
Low level (mike level) : To pre-amplify a dynamic microphone (contemporary vocal microphone) or a low level piezo pickup

Remark :
In both versions, I limit the signal in the event of an overload by implementing a zener diode circuit. Its clipping is smooth and gradual, in any case much less harsh for the ears than the clipping caused by the op amp when it operates alone. So it crunches a little, but allows to pass without disaster the peaks of excessive level always possible on stage.

Some harmonica customers told me that they deliberately use this soft clipping during their concerts…

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To order :

1. Choose between the two versions …
2. Specify the delivery area.
3. Click “add to order”.
4. Click <Basket> on the main menu to finalize …

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

basic version

• Switches a direct channel and a preamp channel to a single output.
• Preamp channel with 0-20 dB gain control and phase switch.

You&Me, basic

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

*** version
119 €

Same specifications as the basic version, but that’s not all…
• The pre-amplified channel also offers
two levels of operation :

• High level (instrument level)
• Low level (mike level)

You&Me, ***

Shipping costs (French Post)
France: €8 — EC+Switzerland: €14 — Other countries: €24

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To know more

For harp players

The basic version is ideal for musicians who want to use both a low-level dynamic microphone like the Shure 545 or SM57, as well as the traditional high-level bullet …
With You & Me, they can have a standard level to enter the amp and get the desired crunch with each of the microphones …
The phase inverter will reduce the risk of feedback when the low level mike is used.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Other smart uses,
or how to enjoy the amplified channel …

You&Me as a preamp / buffer heading the pedalboard

Guitar is plugged into the preamp input (You), and the pedalboard chain on the output …
• The high impedance input prevents loss of level or dynamics.
• The gain is adjustable, depending on the instrument and the required output level .
• The phase is reversible. Usefull in case of feedback, or for a better control on monitors…
• The low impedance output feeds strongly the pedalboard, long or cheap cables …

You&Me  as a solo booster

The instrument is connected to the direct input (Me). The preamp input (You) keeps free …
An internal switching routes the signal as desired:
• Push-button in “Me” mode : the instrument is directly switched to the output …
• Push-button in “You” mode : the instrument passes through the preamplified channel and is boosted according to the gain setting.
• The preamp has been developed to be musically overdriven.
It’s interesting with humbucking guitars and high impedance harmonic pickups..

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15


Technical notice (downloadable pdf)

Special harp technical notice (downloadable pdf)

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