The (S)cream

The (S)cream is an advanced diode overdrive that develops the sonic potential of the classic small green box :
Its sound comes from the TS9, but not exclusively centered on midrange: The (S)cream can as well recover the sound of 1975-85, recall the nervous grain of the first Black Face amps, or generate a contemporary overdrive …

The (S)cream

Overdrive The [S]cream by

The (S)cream —  Basic version and  *** version.

The Tube Screamer® family were a turning point in the late 70s, and remains a reference.
The narrow bandwidth made it possible to overdrive the most shrill amps without breaking one’s ears. Furthermore, especially since pure nickel strings became rare, skinny guitars could get some dense colours again.

However, its limits in treble and bass could be frustrating in some cases : Lack of clarity with humbucker or archtop guitars, lack of bottom for heavy strings lovers. It is by thinking of these critics, and while respecting the original genius of the TS9, that I upgraded the little green beast.

General features

Operational amplifier with diode negative feedback.
3 tone presets :
— Classic (= TS9)

— Brite (sharper)
— Deep (wider bandwidth)
 Customizable and adjustable diode array.

The (S)cream is designed to operate with a 7 to 12V supply.
Internal 9V battery, or external power supply. Coaxial jack of 2.1mm, negative center.
Consumption at 9V : 10mA.
An internal electronic filter eliminates residual noises from the power supply :
Hiss from switching power supplies ; hum from poorly filtered transformer supplies.

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2 versions

The Scream, overdrive, versions

basic                                                                                                 ***

 Basic version

• Common settings of classic overdrive pedals : Drive, Tone, Volume.
Guitar Poppa adds 3 tone presets :
– Classic : the classic TS9® tone is slightly less damped treble.
– Brite : low frequencies are still lightened, but treble is recovered !
– Deep : wide bandwidth, with actual bass and treble.
• Customizable diode array : choose when ordering.

*** version

• All functions of the basic version, as described above.
• Tone preset switch as in basic version, but reported on the left side of the box.
Guitar Poppa improves the saturating circuit:
• Composite overdrive network, components to be chosen when ordering.
Guitar Poppa offers an original setting:
• Additional Texture potentiometer modulating grit and compression.

A *** version equipped with a JRC4558D, and a compound silicon and led diode array.
The purple leads are connected to the Texture potentiometer.

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Saturating circuit options
(on *** version)

Combination of LEDs + silicon diodes

Choose this combination to play in the traditions of rock and blues.
The Texture control allows you to pan between the sharp sound of the 90s / 2000s and the more compressed vintage grain of the 75s / 90s.

• The high and fast saturation threshold of the LEDs gives an incisive and dynamic sound, with the color of the instrument lasting well below the saturation.
• Silicon diodes provide more grain and more compressed dynamics.
• The Texture control makes these two circuits interact and, for a given Drive level, reveals various nuances of grain and harmonics.

Combination of Zeners diodes + silicon diodes

Choose this combination to obtain warm sound materials, less based on the crunch effect than on complex and spicy textures …
It is suitable for dense music such as Deep Blues, Stoner or independent Jazz …

• Zeners diodes provide the same headroom as the LEDs, but saturating more gradually, without tingling the ear, even at high gain. The sound material is then tighter and browner.
• The silicon triturates this paste and encrusts harmonics in it, with a more scratchy grit…

In both cases, the silicon diodes are 1N914, the models fitted to the vintage TR808 and TS9. In experience, they produce a softer grain, more musical than the 1N4148 that one finds in ordinary realizations.

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To order :

1. Specify the diodes
2. Specify the shipping zone.
3. Click ‹add to cart›
4. Click ‘Cart’ on main menu to finalize the ordering.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15Overdrive The [S]cream by - commandes version basiqueThe (S)cream
basic version

• Features such as shown on this page.
• Choose the OpAmp and the diode array by clicking on the option buttons below.

The (S)cream

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

The Scream, diode overdrive, version 3 starsThe (S)cream
*** version

• All functions of the basic version.
• Tone preset switch as in basic version, but reported on the left side of the housing.

Texture knob on the front panel to adjust the effects of diodes.
• Choose the diode array by clicking on the option buttons below.

The (S)cream

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To know more :

Technical sheet (downloadable pdf )

Listen to samples

Technology of the Tube Screamer (american essential article by RG Keen)

Contact Guitar Poppa

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