CurvyMama is a special preamp that will give flesh, curves and grit to harps and guitars…
It can also give nice thighs to skinny guitars !
In that aim, it features an original tone control and a germanium preamp.


CurvyMama by GuitarPoppa ; preamp/overdrive for harmonicaCurvyMama, 2022 model.

Main features

Gain control to get clean sound or overdrive with any mike.
Original tone circuit, improving the nuances
in the low medium and at the medium-treble junction.
  Optional medium notch filter for ceramic mikes

  Germanium NOS transistors in the output stage
to bring a mild and organic overdrive.
  Phase invert switch to minimize feedback issues.
  High level low impedance output.

Listen to samples

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

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Unchanged price
169 €

Preamp for harp, as described on this page.
• 5 basic controls :
drive, bottom, biting, contour, volume.
Phase invert switch.
• MidNotch
switch (free option).

The [S]cream

Shipping costs (by the french Post) :
France: 8 € — CE + Switzerland: 14 € — Other countries: 24 €

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

Technical details

Universal input

• 500kΩ high impedance, friendly connectible on every source.
• Admissible level: 10mV to 500mV, adjustable by the Gain / Drive potentiometer.

Piezo or ceramic bullet pickups
(antiques: JT30, Green Bullet… neo-antiques: Superlux D112C)
• Nominal output level: 200 to 500mV, high impedance.
• Standard setting: gain between the minimum and 9h00;
• MidNotch filter on