My stompboxes : DD size

I have designed some large format stompboxes (approximately 20 x 11 x 3.5cm), either because they have to contain a printed board of significant dimensions, or because they have to bring together several cards.

These configurations are often the result of custom orders by musicians with strong choices … Their requests have led me to design typical equipment, which are often associations of existing circuits.
Everyone can now benefit from these experiences, or imagine their own project!

bandeau rouge * Harp Zone

Large format stompboxes

Some circuits include a lot of components.

Until around 2000, manufacturers solved the problem by miniaturizing conventional components, and densifying their arrangement … It was sometimes difficult to repair or modify, but one was still able to do it. Subsequently, micro-components assembled by robots became the rule in consumer products, which are now non-repairable …
I, who work with components from the 1980s and 2000s for the most recent ones, have to stick to old time dimensions, adapted to my tools and my hands…

When I was once asked for a harmonica version of the Metal Zone, I had to decompress its high density circuit into dimensions dating back to the 20th century!
This is why I build this original pedal in a large case.

HarpZone : adaptation of the Metal Zone distorsion to the harmonica.

HarpZone, stompboxes, adaptation de la célèbre Metal Zone à l'harmonica

The HarpZone, initially a Custom order from Marko Balland.

bandeau rouge * Harp Zone


Two effects are combined in a large format pedal

This makes it possible to diversify the fonctions while concentrating their realization …
In addition, the pooling of certain elements (buffers, power supply, box) bring an economy of scale and a selling price lower than the sum of the unit prices.

Most of the single pedals on this site can be coupled.

The challenge is first to constitute the couple, and then to decide in which order to set it, which depends on personal habits and styles played.
For an additional fee, a switching system can be designed to allow the circuits to be used in any order.

Contact us to study the combinations that would suit you best.

stompboxes, Duos pédales - The Scream + VintageBoo

Duo-pedal consisting of a the [S]cream overdrive and an original VintageBoo booster.
Custom order for Stéphane Sanseverino.

guitar poppa

SimSym System
(simulation and symmetrisation…)

The principle is to combine three modules in the same box :

• A general purpose pedal (preamp, overdrive …) which will be the heart of the system.
• A solo boost to increase playability on stage.
• Professional output circuits to connect the pedal on the PA system.

These output circuits include:

• A connection to a stage amplifier, on jack 6.35.
• A balanced send to the PA console, on XLR3.
• This output is preceded by a speaker simulator, with a classic Celestion type outline.

With a general-purpose pedal thus completed, the musician can exercise all his autonomy on small stages:
“I arrive, I plug in my stuff, and I know exactly what goes into the sound system …”

Pedals particularly adapted to the SimSym system

SweetGerm : germanium preamp, perfect for hollowbody guitar, double bass…
LoVoltTube  : NOS tube preamp for any guitar requiring a “tube sound”…
CurvyMama : warm and fleshy germanium preamp for harp or guitar.
LittleW. : Analog echo with overdrive, welcome at the end of the pedalboard. (end 2021).

CurvyMama + simulation HP et sortie symétrique vers sonoCurvyMama + simulation HP et sortie symétrique vers sono ; connectique

CurvyMama + SimSym. Initially a custom order for french harp player Vincent Bucher.
From left to right: instrument input / 9-12V power supply / stage amplifier output / PA output.

Bandeau medium rouge - offre

Contact us for more information on SimSym pedals.

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