Stompboxes, 1590BB size

Guitarpoppa : pédales

My activity is to design and handcraft stompboxes, preamps or small amps.
It feeds on my experience as a musician and technician trained in the 60s.
Some of my pedals perpetuate the tradition, with updated means.
Others have an original design.

They are built in the international 1590BB format, approximately 12 x 9 x 3cm.
This size is no longer fashionable but is justifiable : My pedals use traditional components manually welded and not micro-components assembled by robots. The wider printed tracks and pads are more sturdy, and desolderable, therefore repairable without risk of takeoff… Same for potentiometers…
On an other hand, my circuits are more provided than most of stingy circuits in ordinary productions : active filtering in the supply line, really playable presets, pull down components minimizing switching noises…

Traditional stompboxes

I reproduce the historical circuits in the love of their sound …
And I perfect with all respect what is worth it.

Improvements by Guitar Poppa :

• Technicity : verified and corrected schematics, sorted components, neat powering.
• Functionality : Well balanced impedance, progressive settings, raised output level.
• Musical potential : refined tone and grain, dynamic response to instrumental playing.
• Customization : custom features and settings, duets coupled in a single box…

4 classics

The (S)cream - overdrive de type TS9 amélioré - réglage de textureThe (S)cream

TS9 type Overdrive
with a diversified sonic texture.

Germanium Fuzz ,
of the Fuzz Face.

Germanium Fuzz ,
development of the ToneBender Mk1.

Clean booster,
of the Rangemaster


Original preamps and overdrives

The identity of a pedal lies in its sound color and grain, as well as its dynamics…
…It will combine these parameters in musical quality,
and finally its behavior must “please” the instruments that are connected to it…

3 originals

LowVoltTube by, preamp/overdrive with a NOS low voltage tubeLowVoltTube
with a NOS low voltage
tube inside.

CurvyMama, préampli pour harmonica et guitare. Donne du corps et du grain au sonCurvyMama
with a warm and fleshy tone for harp or guitar.

SweetGerm by, a germanium preamp to make your instrument singSweetGerm
Germanium preamp
to make guitar
or bass sing

Bandeau medium rouge - offre


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