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Germanium transistors : Sonic properties

There is a “germanium sound”. It is especially suitable for guitar amplification, and can apply to harp and some keyboards. The sound of germanium has a warmth and a granulity as pleasant to the ear as the tube sound, without being the same : The sensation of warmth is about equivalent (for analog reasons, in particular the Miller effect that dynamically attenuates the high frequencies). The sonic  grain of germanium is generally a bit rougher than the tube grain, and especially less flat and plain than silicon …
In all domains of audio, germanium transistors and their “good defects” are opposed to the cold pharmaceutical perfection of integrated circuits.

After years spent in tests and development, I feel able to specify some characteristic parameters… And happy to share this knowledge that I apply in the products shown on this site ; stuffs just to please the guitars.

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Germanium transistors : Black Glass models

 They were thus nicknamed in allusion of their very particular black glass case. Glass technology had been selected because at that time plastics were still unable to ensure a perfect seal between case and terminals. They have been the first transistors widely available, and the aged electronic techs have fond memories of them. It must be said they are found in the earliest fuzz, the first solid state professional audio systems and computers.

This is an opportunity to discuss the properties of the main types and identify their ability to be used in circuits devolved to guitars .
NB: I will only talk about transistors that I actually had in hand.

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