Lil’HarpZone was initially motivated by a custom order…
It is now available to everyone !

Lil’HarpZone is a low sized transposition to harp of the famous Metal Zone distortion pedal.
It takes back most of its saturating circuit and features a specially designed One Knob Tone control.

Lil'Harzonz par, adaptation de la disto MetalZone à l'harmoLil’HarpZone, and its simple controls.

General features

Universal input, dedicated to all kinds of mikes.
Saturating circuit ans its pre-filter close to the MetalZone®.
Diode + LED circuitry improving the dynamics of saturation.
2 voicings “Sharp” and “Warm”…
One knob tone knob, with simultaneous action
on the treble and the mids…
Low impedance output.

Listen to samples

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To order…

1. Specify the shipping zone.
2. Click <add to order>.
3. Click <Shopping Cart> on the main menu to finalize.

Lil'HarpZone par, didtorsion spéciale harmonica basée sur la classique Metal Zone - version uniqueLil’HarpZone
139 €

Single version,
as described on this page.


Shipping costs (Colissimo with signature)
France : 8€ — CE+Switzerland : 14€ — Other countries : 24€

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

Interior and detail of the card, with the vintage integrated circuits providing amplification: JRC4558D and MC741N.

Technical details

Overdrive circuit

• The overdrive circuit is made up of an operational amplifier, classic in the world of overdrives / distortions of the 70s to 90s: the JRC4558D.
• It attacks a composite network consisting of a 1N914 silicon diode and an red LED.
this combination improves the level and dynamics of the distorted signal, as well as a more textured tone, without being harsh.

Standard gain settings according to microphone type

The settings below apply to a microphone without a potentiometer, or with a potentiometer set at its maximum.
The benchmarks are given for a moderate saturated rendering.

Bullet mike, piezo or ceramic technology
(antique: JT30, Green Bullet… neo-old: Superlux D112/C)
• High nominal output level, high impedance.
• Recommended gain setting: between minimum and 9:00, or more for a violent saturation.

Dynamic old or neo-vintage mike
(Shure Control Magnetic, Shure 515, 588 switched on HiZ,… Bottle O Blues, Silverfish…)
• Nominal output level close to a guitar, Mid or high impedance.
• Recommended gain setting: between 9.00 andt 10.00, or more for a distortion with balls.

Dynamic modern mike
(Shure 55SH “the skull”, 565D, SM57, SM58, Audix Fireball V…)
• Nominal output level: 10 to 30mV, low impedance.
• Recommended gain setting: around 12:00 — or higher for more pronounced overdrive.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Tone control

This montage designed by GuitarPoppa is intended to be easy to use, but rich in effects.
• It is almost neutral when the button is set at 12:00.
• On both sides, it acts simultaneously and reversely on the mids and the treble :

To the left : attenuated treble, accentuated mids then low mids.
• To warm up a harp that is a bit too strident…
• To find “sweet spots” that sounds like old vintage amps…
• To increase the growl of a deep overdrive or a fuzz…

To the right : accentuated treble, medium hollow more or less accentuated.
• To find a sweet spot between warmth and brilliance, in clear or saturated sound…
• To lighten the lower midrange with some somewhat throaty harps…
• To deliberately freeze the sound like in italian westerns.

These filterings are very sensitive to the grain of input signal :
The best instrument/fuzz grain/tone combinations often depend on light differencies of Gain and Tone adjustment.
Be curious !

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Power supply

Lil’HarpZone is powered a 9V battery or an external 7 to 12V power supply.
• Typical current with 9V : 8mA.
• Internal electronic filtering eliminates common power supply noise.
• The sound is typical at 9V, it is a little more dynamic at 12V.
Conversely, it compresses and can become filthy when below 9V.

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

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