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CurvyMama + SimSym

CurvyMama is initially a preamp designed to process the flesh and grit of harmonicas sound. In this aim, It features a special tone circuit and a germanium overdrive stage.

This version + SimSym also features a boost stage.
Above all, it has an active speaker simulator, and a balanced output to the PA console.

CurvyMama SimSym Output, logo

CurvyMama SimSym Output, préampli spécial harmo avec simulateur de HP et sortie symétrique pour liaison directe avec la sono

The first CurvyMama SimSym, a custom order – March 2020.

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Samples : LikeYourFace Fuzz

LikeYourFace - logo produit L15x300dpi

Classic smooth option

Big basic Fuzz and heavy riffs, in the manner of the sixties..
Strato-like guitar.
LikeYourFace with Fat preset ; Fuzz @ 15:00 (more is possible ; Tone @ 12:00 (neutral).
Wild thing (neck pickup) : then Shape of things (bridge pickup).

Fuzz used as a light overdrive : Bright Strato blues
Strato-like guitar.
Neck pickup and Bridge pickup mixed.
Fat Preset ; Fuzz @ 10:00 to get a smooth texture ; Tone @ 13h to get more harmonics.

Classic bright option

A scratching sound, with open strings and a bit boosted medium
Archtop Guild X160,bridge pickup at first, the  mixed pickups at the end.
LikeYourFace basic, Classic bright option. Fuzz @ 15:00. No preset nor tone.
In-A-Dadda etc. (micro manche)

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

Recording conditions

Bandeau - Enregistrement - Samples-BirdMaster

2xEL84 amplifier from 1967, restored by me. Clean canal, tone control almost flat.
10″ speaker, Weber F10-150T (recommended for Fender Princeton) ; bass reflex cab.
Shure SM57, placed like in the pic above.
A bit of Holly Grail® reverberation, just for pleasure.

Strato-like guitar from the 80s, rather cheap but equiped with Rio Grande texan pickups.
Archtop Guild X160 from 1988.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - Samples


MicroCombo 3W is a portable and powerful micro-amp for guitar or harmonica.
The all Germanium power amp, the big brand speaker  give to it efficiency and musicality.
It will let you play at home or in small places, connected to an external cabinet or to the sound system of the bar.
Options are available when ordering.

MicroCombo 3W, ampli 3W pour guitare et harmonica - amplification au germanium

MicroCombo3W in its walnut enclosure.

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CoolCrunch is made to attenuate the volume on the speakers without lowering the master volume of the amp …
One keep then the crunch without breaking the ears …
Due to its small size and simplicity, it fits inside the combos and in your budget.

CoolCrunch 5 & 30. Logo

CoolCrunch5. Speaker attenuator in a Fender Champ 57 reissue

A CoolCrunch5 prototype installed on the back of a Champ 57 reissue.

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LowVoltTube is an original pedal that combines two fundamentals of the guitar sound :
— A preamp-overdrive, TS9 type, with its tone control …
— A tube stage included to generate a vintage grain.

The tube is a 50s NOS model, specially designed to work directly with 9V or 12V.
Boutique quality, but for a moderate price !

LowVoltTube preamp/overdrive - Logo

LowVoltTube. Préamp/overdrive with JRC4558 and NOS tube 6ET6 (EF98)

LowVoltTube — First issue, 2018.

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The (S)cream

The (S)cream is an advanced diode overdrive that develops the sonic potential of the classic small green box :
Its sound comes from the TS9, but not exclusively centered on midrange: The (S)cream can as well recover the sound of 1975-85, recall the nervous grain of the first Black Face amps, or generate a contemporary overdrive …

The (S)cream

Overdrive The [S]cream by

The (S)cream —  Basic version and  *** version.

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Preamp-overdrive with NOS* germanium transistors.
Made to give voice to guitars, electric or acoustic bass.
2 knobs set simultaneously tone and drive.
It nourishes the tone of amps that sounds too flat, and facilitates your musical expression :
Good for jazz, blues and elegant rock…

* NOS: New Old Stock… New transistors from the sisties to eighties.



SweetGerm, basic version .

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