You&Me is an active A-B Box made to switch two different level sources to an unique output :
– A standard guitar level instrument
– A low level source requiring a preamplication.

You&Me - bandeau L15

You&Me, AB Box active

You&Me, *** version — 2016 prototype.

The idea came before a gig in a club. On the one hand I had my electric Guild with its pedalboard, on the other my acoustic Regal with its active microphone, and one amp for both.
I should have had an A-B box adapted to these two different sources :
– The electric guitar and its pedals should be directly switched to the amp.
– The low level acoustic guitar needed some preamplification and possibly a phase control to prevent feedback.
Hence this active A-Box B is designed to switch two specific channels :
“Me” the electric guitar, and “You” the low level source : You&Me !

General features

 The pusher selects two specific inputs:
— “Me”, direct input, guitar level.
— “You”, preamplified input featuring high impedance input, adjustable gain and phase inverter.
The active component is a NE5532 OpAmp, controled by a soft saturation circuit when overloaded.
 The *** version features optionnal presets on the preamp : Mike, Guitar, Bright .

You&Me is made to work with all standard DC power supplies, 9 to 18V, negative ground (center of the 2.1mm coaxial plug).

You&Me works accurately with 9V. The best dynamic is when 12v or 18V powered.
• At any voltage, an internal active filter suppresses the hiss from switching power supplies, and most hum from poorly filtered transformer models.

You&Me, basic version. Detail of the printed card

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

2 versions

basic                                                                                   ****

Basic version

• It features the general characteristics described above.
• The pre-amplified channel features a 0 to 20dB gain control, and a phase switch.

*** version

• The preamp channel offers in addition 3 selectable presets:
Mike : 0-40 dB gain to pre-amplify a dynamic microphone or a low level piezo pickup.
Guitar : adapted to the level of most electric instruments.
Bright : 0-20dB gain range, plus a bright boost .

• When ordering, one can opt for an acoustic instrument option (crystalline boost to 4KHz), or guitar / electric bass (presence boost to 2KHz).

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To order :

1. Choose one of the two versions…
2. If necessary, specify the treble boost option.
3. Specify the shipping zone.
4. Click ‹add to cart›
5. Click ‘Cart’ on main menu, or keep on visiting.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

basic version

• Switches a direct channel or a pre-amplified channel to the output.
• 0 to 20 dB gain control, and phase inverter on preamp channel.
• No presets available in this version.

You&Me, basic

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

*** version
109 €

• Switches a direct channel or a pre-amplified channel to the output.
• 0 to 20 dB gain control, and phase inverter on preamp channel.•

• Moreover, it features 3 presets :
– Mike : 0-40dB preamplification for dynamic microphone or low level piezo pickup.
– Guitar : 0-20 preamplification to control the level of most electric instruments.
– Bright : guitar gain range, plus a bright boost .
When ordering, the treble boost can be choosen to 2KHz or 4kHz. .

You&Me, ***

Bandeau medium rouge - L15

To know more

For harp players…

The basic version is ideal for musicians who want to use as well a dynamic microphone like the Shure 545, with its low level, as a traditional high level bullet… So they can maintain a steady level to drive their amp and get the desired crunch … Moreover, the phase switch will unify the two microphones polarity.

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

Smart applications for guitarists

One can use You & Me for other applications than to switch two sources, and
take advantage of the preamplifier :

You&Me as a buffer/preamp at the head of a pedalboard

The electric guitar or the piezzo instrument is plugged to “You”, the preamp input …
The high impedance input avoids level and harmonics losses.
The gain is adjustable if necessary, and the phase is reversible in case of feedback…
The low Z output allows to feed all pedalboards and long cables, or of dubious quality …

You&Me as a solo booster

The guitar is plugged into “Me”, the direct input… “You”, the preamp, is left free.
An internal switching make it possible to route the signal in two different ways :
On normal “Me” switching, the signal is directly transmitted to the output…
When the push passes to “You”, the signal is routed through the preamp before being transmitted to the output : You&Me thus works as a clean booster!

Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15


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Bandeau medium rouge - L15
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