The Guitar Poppa project

Guitar Poppa project is a made in France project, launched in the 2000s… I was getting bored in my job, grumbling at that all-digital civilization, and mastering my Guild. There was also current events : vintage guitar fashion, Nu Rock and so teased my ears, one more time.

I spent hours collecting historic amps and stompboxes schematics, and I reactivated my technical courses. I collected a treasure of components. Thanks to the Red Army to have accumulated such stocks of tubes, transistors and capacitors. And to Philips-Mullard, Thomson, Siemens, all these big brands which used to work well and on long term…

Here’s now website, opened in the spring of 2015 … I hope you will find there cool stuffs at the crossroads of vintage feeling and contemporary tools. It will be articles, schematics, and original products for sale.

Guitar Poppa
is not another cloner

The aim of vintage is not antiquity for antiquity… Nor the blind copy of schematics which were often already questionnable in their time. I’ve been testing them as prototype and through computer simulation… I tried to understand what happens at the same time in the circuit AND under the guitarist’s finger…

project : vintage and modern components

Vintage and contemporary components in Poppa”s stompboxes.

Vintage culture, and contemporary reality

The heart of my project comes from the long history of guitar effects, but I didn’t stop there. Vintage circuits are usually musical because they are simple and often clever. But they are also dependent on the technological limits of their time, limited by superficial calculations, and by an often botched or stingy development.

My productions always include the auxiliary circuits, the internal adjustments which make it possible to get all the potential of the traditional assemblies.

The components are vintage when it is positively audible (transistors and diodes, some capacitors or some resistors in some places). They are contemporary when current technology guarantees reliability, low noise, resistance over time or temperature – and price.

Individualized design

My products are often available with options and sound variations that will let everyone please their needs. After receipt of the order with its options, each pedal is mounted by hand, and individually tuned to give it its full identity.

This is the artisan spirit:
Direct contact lets the customer specify his wishes, and lets the craftsman create an individualized product!


Bandeau medium rouge - L15

last edit : 2021, 08

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