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Guitar Poppa and his guitars

I was a french teenager in the sixties. I’ve been fed on british pop and blues : sharp and toned sounds, top boosted, or fat and fuzzy… Like many young people, I went tinkering electronics : disassembling old prewar tube radios to retrieve parts, trying to transform them in guitar amps… Sound equipment was extremely expensive at that time and it’s been the best reason to learn how to build my own stuffs.

I went in a scientific High School. I was fast persuaded that the best way not to make my gears smoke was to learn how to calculate them. Besides, I was lucky to be at the crossroads of two positive technologies : the peak of tube technology and the development of the first germanium transistors. Since those early years, hot and mild sensations remained in my ears.

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The Guitar Poppa project

Guitar Poppa project is a made in France project, launched in the 2000s… I was getting bored in my job, grumbling at that all-digital civilization, and mastering my Guild. There was also current events : vintage guitar fashion, Nu Rock and so teased my ears, one more time.

I spent hours collecting historic amps and stompboxes schematics, and I reactivated my technical courses. I collected a treasure of components. Thanks to the Red Army to have accumulated such stocks of tubes, transistors and capacitors. And to Philips-Mullard, Thomson, Siemens, all these big brands which used to work well and on long term…

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Jack Mono Blues

Jack Mono Blues en Club

Jack Mono Blues is my band…
We play postwar blues standards that took balls !

It was a magical moment, towards 1945-65, when the migrants musicians from the Delta made the urban energy of Chicago definitively their own thing : they invented a rough way of feeling that was still rural, but already colored by the lights of big city. Later, as teenagers, we found out in that music gorgeous echoes of our own metamorphosis, and never recovered…

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