Guitar Poppa
Vintage electronics
handcrafted in France
just to please guitars (and harps) - Guitar Poppa jouant de la Guild - bandeau designs, builds and customizes :
Preamps, boosters, fuzz, overdrivers,
micro-amps and other gears for guitar and harp.
Specialist in germanium transistors and analog technology. - Bandeau fin gris moyen - L15

MicroCombo GeAmp1WMicro-Combo
GeAmp 1W

A little amp with balls for harp and guitar.

LowVoltTube, préampli/overdrive with a NOS low voltage tubeLowVoltTube
with a NOS low voltage
tube inside.

SpanishMoss by - overdrive à diodes et transdiodes MOSFETSpanishMoss
Overdrive with a
combination of diodes
and MOSFETs - SweetGermSweetGerm
Germanium preamp
for guitar and bass - The (S)creamThe (S)cream
TS9 type overdrive, with a special
texture control. curvymama-boitier-bandeau-de-presentationCurvyMama
Fleshy preamp
for harp or guitar - You&Me - BandeauYou&Me
Active A-B Box
for two instruments with different levels - BirdMasterBirdMaster
Vintage Germanium Treble Booster - LikeYourFaceLikeYourFace
Germanium Fuzz that truly works and sings !

CoolCrunch - Speaker attenuator for 5W or 30W ampsCoolCrunch 5 & 30
Speaker attenuators,
discrete and useful.

Click on the pictures to reach directly the product pages… - Bandeau fin gris moyen - - Monitoring internetVista® - Monitoring de sites web

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