Samples – SweetGerm

Produits - SweetGerm _logo produit L15x300dpi

Chubby option, with its caressing tone

Cool blues playing  : Reconsider
Guild Archtop, mixed pickups.
SweetGerm on Jazzy preset.
Body @11:00, to get bottom without orvedrive. Présence @10:00 for clear harmonics.

Brownie option, with its old school grind

Rythm guitar with lows and treble  : Soft latin overdrive
Guild Archtop, neck pickup.
SweetGerm on Jazzy preset.
Body @12:00, to get textured lowrange. Présence @11h, to get treble above.

Approximate and filthy picking : Dirty country
Guild Archtop, bridge pickup.
SweetGerm on Mighty preset.
Body @12:00 to put dirt. Présence @9:00 to avoid a scratchy sound and get warmth…

Bandeau medium rouge - L15
Samples recording

2xEL84 amp from1967, fixed by me. Clean canal, Baxandall in virtually flat position.
Celestion 12″ Seventy-80 speaker, bass reflex boxed.
Recorded with a 565 Shure placed close to the spaker between dome and suspension.
A bit of reverb.

Archtop Guild F160 guitar from 1989. Original pickups.

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